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NEWS 2019



If breeders want to try out Embark DNA testing, follow this link. The discount code is valid until October 20th only; M-zka5y7


The puppies of Lino du Musher and Nanduhria's Morwen "Nova" were born September 4th! We have tervueren males for sale.

Updated litter page.


Congratulations to:

Nanduhria's Othar "Turkis" and Pia qualified for a higher class search!



Nanduhria’s Nurgon «Mikko» approved L-test in Sweden. He's then suitable for policework and security.


Nanduhria's Warrior Nazgul 191,2 p out of 200 p in -french Ring 1.
There's a lot of pictures in the album here.


Isabel and Nanduhria's Narvi "Berra" with IGP1!


Nanduhria's Madril "Majlo"  KORAD! Aproved mentality description and conformation.


Nanduhria's Össe "Tzili" RL3 and SphD (rally obedience and tracking)


Puppies in the USA with FR1 Nanduhria's Nazgul Warrior and Louvre Noir de Tchurka la Noire.


Qira, daughter of Nanduhria's Nori and Lann Morian Mynta BIS4 in puppy show!




Nanduhria's Nori "Oj" have 8 puppies at kennel Lann Morian! Mother is Lann Morian Mynta (IPO3 Uruq-Hai Azzer x Lann Morian Helga) Males for sale.

Updated litter page with health information.

Planning mentality test for O-litter end of May.

Updated puppy plans...

Our male Nanduhria's Nori "Oj" (approved police test)

Puppies and Mynta

NEWS 2018


Nanduhria's Nori "Oj" approved L-test from the police! We are so happy since he is the first groenendael from Norway who's achieved that. He is also a very social and nice family dog. His brother Nurgon "Mikko" is going to take the same test early next year.

Nanduhria's N-litter have done their mentality description with great result! We are so happy with this litter. Nessa and Narvi has also approved BH.

Nanduhria's Madril "Majlo" have got their title RLD N (rally obedience). Congrats!

Health page is uppdated for M, N and O-litter.

We plan to have a new black female from France next year, let's hope this will really happen! it's an exciting intervariety combination.


We have had mentality prescription for our M-litter 18 months old. Results only in norwegian, but please feel free to ask.

Our new female, High Limits Breaking Bad, Bazooka is now placed with co-owner and will be trained towards search and rescue dog (SAR).

Next litter planned mid 2019.


Nanduhria Spinoy de Contrescarpe has arrived to Norway! She is just fantastic! She is coowned with Elisabeth J. Weber at kennel Spinoy in Sweden. We can't wait to see how she will contribute to our breeding program.

We are also expecting a new import from France in September. The tervueren female is pregnant with a black male, so let's hope there is a black female for us.. she will be coowend with Veronica at kennel High Limits.

We are also planning our next litter for spring/summer 2019. We think there will be a trip to France to a handsome tervueren male there. We still want to use Chac later, that's for sure! Probably during 2020..

Health information for our M-litter is updated.



Puppies born 14.11.2017, 3 males and 4 females. One male searching for working home! He is social, good bite, good cooperation, very sweat and loves to cuddle.. read more about the combination here.

Our new import (tervueren) from France is coming in the middle of March. She looks very sweat, social and loves to bite..


Next litter planned for 2019. The male, Chac Mool C av Nangijala is also father to our brood bitch and was norwegian and swedish champion in work. He also won the nordic champoionship in search. He died in 2003, so we are very happy that we can use his frozen semen!
Titles: KORAD, INT.S.N.UCh, S.N.LCh, S.N.Br.Ch, NV-92,94,02

CAC, CACIB in Norwegian / Swedish show !
CACIOB in Norwegian / Swedish Obedience-trials !
CACIT in Norwegian / Swedish working-trials !
He has taken over 20 CAC's. in search

Norwegian Working-Championship results:
1995: Nr 5. in search
1996: Nr 5. in search
1997: Nr 1. in search
1998: Nr 3. in search
1999: Nr 8. in search
2000: Nr. 2 in search
2001: Nr. 2 in search
2002: Nr. 4 in search 
2002: Nr. 1 in Nordic Championship
(at age 11,5 !)

NEWS 2017


Puppies expected November 15.Th! Heli Volant du Josar has been mated to KNPV PH1 Gonzo des Feès d'Ebene. We expect workingdogs with high drive, stable nerves, well balanced and good functional capacity! Expected to be suitable for all dog sports.

We have made reservations for two very exciting new imports during spring/summer 2018! We need new blood to use for our males/own lines. One tervueren and one groenendael (intervariety with terv), both from France.


Puppies born of Mars for working homes! We have tervueren males for sales.


We have been in France and mated Nanduhria's Iarath "Cookie" with the tervueren FR2 2 Hubert du Domaine D'emyty. Approved intervariety breeding. See the pedigree at here.


NEWS 2016


We have promising males suitable for all dogsports for sale! They have high prey drive, lots of curiousity, ok with loud sounds, new environment and so on. More information here.



Puppies born! Winna and Dexter got 5 males and 1 female. We have promising males suitable for all dog sports for sale!

We also plan a new litter winter 2017. Nanduhria's Iarath "Cookie" and FR 2 Hubert du Domaine D'emyty. More information is to be found at here. I will update puppy plans when the mating is done.

3 dogs from I-litter had their Mentaldescription done! All with good results and they were curious, social, playful and noone cared about the gunshots.


Huge congrats to Nanduhria's Iaurwath "Mira" who became a Norwegian SAR dog last week!! We are super proud!

Big congrats to Anniken and Nanduhria's Fargo with the title "Belgian of the year" in both Heelwork to music, Freestyle and Rally obedience. Well done!

Congratulations to Isabel and Nanduhria's Iarath "Cookie" with approved UHP and obedience class 1.

Puppies from intervariety breeding expected mid October, see the pyppy page. We expect high drive puppies with strong nerves and social temperament! The pedigree consists of manye wellknown working dogs.. both malinois, tervueren and groenendael competing in French Ring, IPO, Mondioring and Police Service.

Litters page are updatd for G and I litter for health and mentaltests, working results e.g.


There were no puppies born from Gonzo and Emma last year, but we plan to visit KNPV PH1 Gonzo des F'ees D'ebene with another female end of next year!

NEWS 2015


16.05.2015: Puppies from workinglines expected in the middle of July! See puppy page.


Gonzo to the left and Emma to the right.


Emma is in heat and we are going to Netherland for mating Gonzo this week! He has HD A, ED 0, eyes clear and DNA sample ok.

Below: Gonzo in policedog training. Photo; Erja / Eloisa.

February 2015:

2 males available for sale, se puppypage!

We are also planning puppies with Dervorin " Emma" and KNPV-PH1 policedog Gonzo des fes D'ebene.

Expected to be born summer 2015.


Haizee is mated to the Finnish male Riku! See the puppypage.

We have a new import from USA. Heli Volant du Josar. She is from malinois mother and groenendael father. Approved intervariety litter registered in Canada. We are very excited to follow her!


Next litter planned summer 2014. Parents are BH Nanduhria's Hasufel "Haizee" and BH IPO3 High Spirited Ancara "Riku".

More information here;


Health page updated.

Lann Morian Kepler "Eskil", father of I-litter has approved IPO 3!! He has also approved the swedish mentaltest with highest score! (494 points of 500)


We still have a promising female for sale... suitable for all kinds of dogsports!


They have been to the vet got their vaccine and id-chip. Both males had their testicles-

See video of the puppies 7 weeks here. Little monsters now;-)

Puppies born April 3.rd! 2 males and 6 females. We have available puppies for sport and family:-D

We expect really social dogs with stable nerveconstructure and working capacity..

Click the photo to see the group of Nanduhria in Facebook.

Puppies 3 weeks! (Photo; @[568276460:2048:Veronica])


Puppies planned! If you want a really workingdog from working malinois lines...



Nanduhria's Glorfindel "Winna", Nanduhria's Galabas "Chac", Nanduhria's Helluin "Hawannah", Nanduhria's Helas "Haylie" and Nanduhria's Headstrong "Tommy" approved mentaldescription.

Nanduhria's Figwit "Samba" and Marianne approved rescue-dog class C. Congratulations! :-)

BH N SE UCH NBCH Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane" died in a car accident... Terrble and tragic... and this fabolous dog!!! :-(

Nanduhria's Galadriel "X-I" x-rayed, HD A/A and AA 0/0. Eyes free june 2011.

Nanduhria's Hasufel "Haizee" HD A/A and AA 0/0. Eyes free june 2011.

Nanduhria's Helluin "Hawannah", HD A/A and AA 0/0.

Nanduhria's Galdor "Kalle", HD B/A, AA 1/1 and back/neck free.


Nanduhria's Celeborn "Rossi" and Veronica Olsen have approved class C in search! Congratulations:-)

Nanduhria's Hasufel "Haizee" is aproved for class 2 in obedience!

Fuscienne des Feès d'Ebene "Ida" is x-rayed free in hips, elbows and back. She has also approved MH (mentaldescription).

See videos of Bambou de la Valleè des Suessiones in training here. She is the mother of our G-litter.

See video of Nanduhria's Goldberry "Raiku" (Billy x Bambou) during training in Finland here. Pictures here.

Nanduhria's Galadriel "X-I" and Odd Christian have approved Bronzemark in obedience. Congratulations!

BH N SE UCH NBCH Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane" is approved for Elite class in obedience. Congratulations!:-) Check out planned litter 2013 for the french import Fuscienne and Working Champion Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane" here!

Below is pictures of Nanduhria's Galabas "Chac" and Bent training.


MyDog 2011 in Sweden:

Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane" became swedish show champion!! He also got CACIB og BOB!!! Not bad for workinglines...:-)

Nanduhria's Helluin "Hawannah" BOB puppy with HP!


Other news since last update:

Nanduhria's Celeborn "Rossi" and Veronica 3.prize og in obedience class 3! They have also approved search class D.

Nanduhria's Hasufel "Haizee" and Veronica approved beginners class in obedience 5 months old! She was also 2.nd best female in puppyshow.

Nanduhria's Faramir "Kompis"  HD A/A og AA 0/0.




The kennel have our first Working Champion!! Big congratulations to Carina and Cane, you are the best!:-)

Cane is now titled BH NCH NWCH Nanduhria's Caranthir!


Boss du Chateau du Paradis "Billy" is possibly for sale for serious breeders/owners! He is just wonderful and the only reason he is for sale is because the kennel have used him in breeding all our females already.... ;-)


Nanduhria's Goldberry is now sold to Finland! :-) She will be doing different hobbies there, good luck!


URGENT!!! Nanduhria's Goldberry "Ninja" 4 months old female puppy needs a new home asap as her owner is in hosptial and it was both critical and seems to be a long term stay there... She is for sale for a good price or placed with co-owner (delfòr). Take contact if you know anyone interested!!! She is from 100% pure workinglines!! She lives in Karlstad, Sweden... See her pedigree here.





Pictures of the H-litter. (Tyra x Boss)

Pictures of the G-litter. (Bambou - Boss)

Also updated pictures of the C-litter (Tyra x Orsam)

And the F-litter (Punky x Boss)



All the puppies have new homes! You find them in the litters page :-) Some of them have homepages.


Updated the puppy page.


Nanduhria's Fatty Bolger "Happy" x-rayed with hips A/A og elbows 0/0.


Video of Bambou and Boss puppies! They are now 7 weeks old. Today we went to the veterinarian and they had their parvo vaccination and id-chip. The males have both testicles and all have correct bites. They all seems strong and healthy!

One very promising female left for sale for workinghome!

Pictures in the blog!






Tyra have puppies!! 1 male and 4 females born on the of June. Female for sale! This is almost the same combination as the succesfull C-litter with Tyra and FR 3 MR 3 Orsam de Salte Cabre, as father of these puppies have the same father as the c-litter. Tyra mother of both!

Congratulations to Veronica and Nanduhria's Celeborn "Rossi", they have in their second competition bin qualified for class 3 in obedience!

Congratulations to Anniken and Nanduhria's Fargo with great result in Norway's first Freestyle competition! They placed 5th.

Mentaldescription with 5 dogs from the F-litter. Very good result and all approved gunshot.



Congratulations to Carina & BH Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane" with in obedience class 3 and NBFK Winner 2010!! :-D
They were also approved for highest class search the of May!

Congratulations to Heidi & Hermina Gallia at av Nangijala with the world championship in obedience at FMBB today!
She is Tyra's sister! Complete results from FMBB here.

Pictures of Carina and Cane below:

Fuscienne "Ida"


Pictures of our new french import Fuscienne "Ida".


Kira have 5 puppies, 2 males and 3 females. (there were 7 puppies born, but one little female and one little male died)

We have 1 female for work for sale! :-)


Kira's puppies have started to come... we will update more tomorrow!


New video of the puppies in France, 7 weeks old.

Chiots groenendaels 7 semaines



Tyra passed BH test today, no problem for my girl!

Nanduhria's Figwit HD A/A.

We can now see that Bambou - Kira is for sure pregnant!



New video of FR 3 After des Loups Mutins (the father of our new import Fuscienne) Mother Vans is sister to Billy who we expect 2 litters from this summer!

Conduite de recherche

After Garde d'objet
Uploaded by Sandravans. - Watch hilarious animal videos

Video of Vans du Chateau du Paradis (sister to Billy and mother to -Fuscienne)

Uploaded by Sandravans. - Watch hilarious animal videos


Tyra is mated to Billy! Puppies expected June,  ready for delivery in week 32!

Father: Boss du Chateau du Paradis
(FR 3, MR 3 Orsam de Salte Cabre x Nina du Champ Boulet)

Mother: BH Eugenia Primavesi At av Nangijala
(N S Working Ch Int N S Uch N S Obedience Ch KORAD Chac Mool C av Nangijala x Bente-Kim V Lana`s Hof)

We expect very social and well-balanced puppies with great working abilities, stable nerves and high drive!


Der ja... det gikk kjapt!

Hesten følger med dem...


Her kommer det en hest oppover veien, veldig spennende for alle sammen:-)

Åh, deilig, endelig ferdig...

På tide å dra hjem igjen!





Video of FR 3 After des Loups Mutins - the father to our new french import.

Garde au Ferme

Bambou - Kira seem to be pregnant, but we have not taken any ultrasound. we'll see!!

Tyra is also mated to Billy - puppies expected to be suitable for all dogsports! Family dogs and working dogs at the same time:-)



New layout for my homepage, it is still under construction. Not all the english pages are ready yet.

New import from France! She is daughter of  Ring 2 Vans du Chateau du Paradis, Billy's sister and Ring 3 After des Loups des Mutins, a tervueren male born in malinois litter. They are 4 weeks in the video below.

Attention à la queue !
Uploaded by Sandravans. - Watch hilarious animal videos


Tyra har fått løpetid, ikke lenge til paring nå!!

Tyra is finally in heat!


BH Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane" ble Norsk Utstillingschampion på NKK Harstad i helgen! Han fikk også opprykk til klasse 3 i lydighet!:-) GRATULERER så mye til Carina og Cane!!!

Nanduhria's Fargo (Punky x Billy) er røntget HD A/A og AD 0/0.

Ny import fra Frankrike kommer i begynnelsen av mai... veldig spennende brukslinjer!

Blodprøven viste at den beste dagen for parring var torsdag, dvs på den 16.dagen! Veldig godt jeg tok blodprøven. Ikke rart Billy virka litt treg, ho var nok ikke helt klar tidligere... best å stole på hannhunden ja!

Det vil si at Kira er parret en gang til, håper nå det blir mange flotte valper:-) Blir muligens født rundt den 19.mai isteden!

Billy, 4 år gammel hannhund søker nytt aktivt hjem pga tidsbrist i nåværende hjem. Han stortrives når de trener lydighet og bruks (rundering), så om noen ønsker en arbeidslysten belger til redning eller søk, send oss gjerne en mail eller ring! Han er forøvrig super sosial, vokter ikke huset eller gården, elsker alle folk, barn som voksne. Vant til å være alene, bur, bil, hundegård etc. Elsker også å trekke på ski eller sykkel!


BH Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane" (Tyra x Orsam) Norwegian Showchampion and approved for class 3 in obedience! Congratulations!!!:-)

Nanduhria's Fargo (Arwen x Boss) x-rayed with the result HD A/A & ED 0/0.

Bambou mated to Boss again, as the blood test showed today to be the best day! Puppies from workinglines.


Bambou - Kira er parret med Boss - Billy. Valper ventes født ca 16.mai! Vi søker fòrvert til både hannhund og tispe. Valper selges kun til et aktivt hjem, dvs til noen med ambisjoner innen bruks, redning, IPO, lydighet eller agility.

Har lagt ut mentalbeskrivelsene til Deagol & Dervorin (kullet til Tyra's datter og Billy) Veldig fornøyd med dem!:-) Gleder oss til å se søsknene fra F-kullet den 29.mai. Har også lagt ut beskrivelsen til Eowyn (Fenja x V'rex)

Vi planlegger valper på Tyra og Billy, venter fortsatt på løpetiden!!

Ny import kommer også!! Det er en tispe fra rene brukslinjer, og vi søker fòrvert med interesse for IPO eller bruks.


Bambou de la Vallèe des Suessiones is mated to Boss du Chateau du Paradis! Puppies expected around 16.05.10.

New import arriving this summer...  


Nanduhria's Carnen hos kennel Belgerulven er øyenlyst fri!:-)

Billy er på tjenestehundkurs i Sverige, lykke til!

Bambou - Kira begynner å bli høyløpen....


Nanduhria's Carnen at kennel Belgerulven has tested eyes clear!


Da var PC'en min hjemme endelig tilbake fra reparasjon og forhåpentligvis frisk for en stund. Jeg har mistet nesten alle kontakter, så om valpekjøpere, samt dere som har sendt meg henvendelser på valp kan sende meg en mail på nytt, blir jeg veldig glad!!:-)

Bambou "Kira" har fått løpetid, og er forhåpentligvis klar for  Boss "Billy" denne gangen!? Sist gang avbrøt hun løpetiden, så vi får se hvordan det utvikler seg nå...

Tyra venter vi fortsatt på, men antar den kommer nå i slutten av mars dersom likt som i fjor.

Ellers så har vi planer om MH beskrivelse på F-kullet den 29.mai! Håper da å se igjen alle "valpene".


Bambou "Kira" is in heat and will hopefully be mated to Boss "Billy" next week!?



Nanduhria's Dervorin, Nanduhria's Deagol og Nanduhria's Eowyn har gjennomført mentalbeskrivelse med godkjent skudd. Vi var veldig fornøyd med dem! Bilder av Eowyn og video av Emma og DC sin test, samt protokoller legges ut når pc'en kommer fra reparasjon....

Nanduhria's Eldarion "Pippi" er røngtet HD AA og AD 0/0. Hun var dessverre høyløpen helga vi hadde MH-tester, og skal derfor ta mentalbeskrivelsen til våren isteden.

Ingen løpetider enda, men Tyra er veldig leken, og mister enormt med pels, nå som vinteren er her og da... så er vel forhåpentligvis ikke så altfor lenge til nå.

Fanta fikk raskt nytt og godt hjem! Hun har det mye bedre og blir tatt godt vare på! Hannhund vurderes omplassert pga eiers sykdom, men kun seriøse henvendelser og noen med god tid til trening og turer i skog og mark:-)


Nanduhria's Eowyn, Dervorin & Deagol have had their mentaldescription with approved gunshot!

Nanduhria's Eldarion x-rayed free in hips and elbows. Because of heat, she will take the mentaldescription during the spring.

Still waiting for the females heat. If Tyra and Kira gets it too close to eachother, Tyra will be first because of her age. Then Kira's litter wil be spring 2010.


Photo below: Mentaldescription 24.10.09. Mother Arwen "Punky" to the left, daughter Dervorin "Emma" and son Deagol "DC" (both from the D-litter after Arwen x Billy)

Photo below: Billy to the left and his son Happy 10 months old (Happy is from F-litter, which is same combination as the D-litter)

(photo: Yvonn Tande)



"Fanta", 8 mnd gammel tispe søker nytt hjem snarest! Kontakt oss på 41327314 for mer informasjon. Evnt mail

En bror av henne finnes her, Fargo: og Happy finnes her:

Vi venter forøvrig fortsatt på løpetider her... bilder fra IPO kurset kommer vel utover høsten når jeg får tid + F-kullets egne sider.


Nytt bilde av Eowyn "Nikita". Oppdatert valpeplanene!

Alle valpene har fått nytt hjem! Planene fremover nå er Funksjonsanalyse på Billy. IPO kurs med Tyra i Veberöd - Sverige i juli og Ferdselsprøva på Tyra i august/september. Skal prøve å trene rundering igjen også, om tiden strekker til.. vi burde absolutt gjort det så vi fikk konkurrert igjen - Tyra elsker jo å få jobbe! Det tar sin tid å få laga ny layout ser det ut for... til vinteren kanskje da!:-)


New photo of Eowyn "Nikita".

Updated puppy plans...


Vi gifta oss lørdag den 9.mai!!! Det var en helt fantastisk dag:-) Bryllupsreisen til Roma var like flott! Jeg har bytta etternavn og heter ikke lenger Kristine Holter, men Kristine Bjørnå Vinje....

Gratulerer til BH Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane" og Carina med opprykk til A-spor!!! Kjempe bra jobba!! Snart er vel opprykket til A rundering også i havn tenker jeg:-) Cane har også gjennomført MH test med godt resultat.

Vi har fortsatt en hannvalp på 6 mnd til salg for lydighet, bruks, agility etc. Veldig snill og god:-)

Kontakt oss på 41327314 eller for mer informasjon.


We got married the of May! We had a fantastic day with family and friends:-) Also the trip to Rome was just wonderful... Some more photos at facebook... my new name is Kristine Bjørnå Vinje.

Congratulations to Nanduhria's Caranthir "Cane"!! He has reached the highest level in tracking!!



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